Revolutionary Volumetric Display Technology

Mirage Hyperchromatica

Mirage Hyperchromatica GmbH is a new company focused on the development on new volumetric display technology.


Volumetric HUD concept

Our patented technology allows to project images at different distances in front of the observer.
The real and virtual images overlap in depth and position.

Multifocal VR/AR

Mirage Hyperchromatica will enable multifocal displays for various applications. To reduce eye fatigue and the vergence accomodation conflict, close and far objects should be located at different depths for a truly immersive AR experience.


LIDAR point cloud

Low latency interface between computer vision systems and the HUD.

Addaptive user interface

Addaptive HUD graphical user interface.

Blender (TM) logo

Multifocal image real-time rendering software.
3D to multifocal image converter Blender add-on.

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